Schools Show – Symphony of Errors: Season finished

Symphony of Errors Staring “George the Conductor”

Hilarious Slapstick Comedy Mime Show to the Greats of Classical Music.

MisterAnts Clown Mime Show

Comedy of Errors Schools Show Melbourne Victoria Mime MisterAnts

Meet George! Cleaner to the Stars!

After a night at the Opera George is left to Clean the Stage.  Swept away by the music and his own imagination he creates his own comedic version to the Classical Greats… Romeo and Juliet, Swan Lake, Vikings, Cowboys, Cannons, Costumes and surprises galore

What people are saying!

“Wildly funny, wildly creative… to the highest caliber… Well-crafted physical humour and imaginative brilliance is how best to describe George.  Highly recommended”! Gordon Primary

Engaging and thought provoking Performance for all students, plenty of laughs for all ages, the whole audience really loved it” Trenthum Primary
“Sharp, fast, funny… we fell in love with his characters in a heartbeat” Ministry of Education, Rarotonga
“Like a human rubber band, delightful and sublime” Words in Winter Festival, Daylesford
“Anthony created a world of adventure, romance and fun…. we didn’t want the Show to end” St Michaels Primary School,Daylesford

“A Master at his craft of slapstick comedy and mime… children are always mesmerised by his performances” Noeline Grayden, Latrobe Libraries

“I’ll listen to Classical Music in a new light from now on” Student Carisbrook Primary

“This Guy is Really Funny” Year 6 Student Trenthum Primary

Modern Day Viking

George the Viking

The Musical Feast

George the Cook

Invisible Magic Show

George Magician

Rock ‘n Roll Mop

George Mop

The villain in Bond 007

George Villain

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